Roof Leak Repair Westchester NY

 Roof Leak Repair Westchester County There is no doubt that COVID19 has impacted lives across the globe. In adherence to the New York State stay at home directive aimed at reducing the risk of COVID19 spread here in Westchester, B&W Group Inc., is currently only handling emergency roof repairs for our clients here in Westchester.  […]

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Choose a Timeless Roof Style: The 3 Cs

My team of expert craftsmen took ten years to build; every member of my team was selected for their dedication, know-how, and personal roofing expertise. As a result, each member of my team understands the ins and outs of roofing and can help customers choose the right roof for their home, considering the unique challenges […]

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GAF Solar Roofing: A Competitive and Attractive Choice for Westchester Homeowners

GAF Solar Roofing: A Competitive and Attractive Choice for Westchester Homeowners   With the increases in options for solar panel installation and the potential energy cost savings, there has never been a better time than now to consider installing solar panels to the roof of your Westchester County home.  Options for financing the installation of […]

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Roof Repair Westchester NY

Roof Repair: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional Contractor? First, friends, roofing is dangerous work. The injuries from roofing mishaps are serious and if you have roof damage that is off the ground we caution you to please contact professional roofing company – your roof can be repaired easily you cannot. Is your roof […]

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Residential Roof Repair Westchester: Repairing and Re-roofing + Improvement

The internet, magazines, and home improvement television shows offer homeowners a nearly endless supply of DIY home improvement projects. Tackling the most challenging project yourself can seem possible, and even simple, with step by step video instructions. While it may seem economical and easy to handle some projects yourself, others can be very time and […]

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Roofing Colors to Complement Brick and Stone Exteriors

Selecting the Perfect Roofing Colors to Complement Brick and Stone Exteriors. Understanding the different color pigments of brick and stone features on a home is critical to selecting the right roofing colors. Tip #1 – If the cast is tan, gold or brown, then the roof will look better in warm color or a blend […]

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Westchester County Solar Roofing

4 Reasons to Consider Solar Roofing in Westchester though you are environmentally conscious, you might have been putting off installing solar roofing.

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