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Cedar Roofing Westchester NY – Your home’s roof needs to perform through all four seasons and look good doing it. Contact us today and Request a Free Estimate for a New Cedar Shake Roof!

B&W Group is Westchester’s Cedar Roofing Installation Company.

A bold statement, sure it is. We have the experience, commitment to perfection and a long list of happy customers to back that up.

Cedar Roofing Westchester NY
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Westchester County homeowners turn to the cedar roofing installation experts at B&W Group when they want a roofing solution that offers a natural look that will last.

Cedar roofing provides durability and a natural toughness modern roofing solutions can only hope to imitate. Cedar roofing offers an unmatched aesthetic style and exceptional protection from the elements. Cedar roofs have been popular since the building of Solomon’s Temple!

B&W Group will cover your Westchester home in Cedar roofing with the dedication and expertise we are known for. Our cedar roofs offer superior protection and a truly outstanding appearance.

When adding a cedar roof to your Westchester home, the first series of choices you have to make (after choosing your cedar siding roof installation company) are all material. Cedar roofing installation is an art form and the end result should be fitting to this high-craft.

We take all the work we do very seriously and are passionate about our craft. We are one of Westchester’s only cedar roofing companies and the reason why is simple. Cedar roofs take time, attention and I believe passion. As a roofer, I am proud of every cedar roof I install and the look, form, and function it provides. I enjoy each phase of the process and that starts with customer education!

When completing any home improvement project, you want to start with an understanding of what you’re buying, why it is right for your home and what you can expect it to add to your home’s value. Cedar roofs offer an exceptional return on investment here in Westchester because they are rare, eye-catching, and recognized globally for their longevity.

  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work and service!

Cedar Roof Installation Westchester County NY

Cedar Roofing Westchester NY – Here in Westchester, homes with Cedar roofs enjoy many advantages over other roofing materials; these advantages include better natural protections from our four-seasons, increased value, and market-topping curb appeal.

Westchester County NY Cedar Shake Roofing Installation Company

Westchester County NY Cedar Shake Roofing Installation Company

A Brief History of Cedar Roofing

Cedar Roofing Westchester NY – Cedar is an incredibly durable roofing material, and this has made cedar a popular construction material for centuries. In British Columbia, tools dating as far back 5,000-years made from red cedar have been found. The Temple of Solomon, also known as the First Temple, was built from the “Cedars of Lebanon”. Here in the states, cedar and wood roof coverings were the only type of roof covering used until very recent history.

Today, many historic homes still opt for cedar shakes for their authenticity look, unrivaled beauty, and unmatched durability.

Cedar shake roofing Installation – Beats traditional asphalt roofing hands down; the reasons include:
  • Cedar roofing offers excellent insulation. Cedar shingles retain heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer.
  • Cedar offers fantastic sound suppression and sound deadening qualities. Cedar roofed homes are just quieter.
  • Cedar offers fantastic sound suppression and sound deadening qualities. Cedar roofed homes are just quieter.
  • Longevity – a well-maintained cedar roof here in Westchester should last 50 years or more.
  • Cedar shakes are Environmentally friendly!
Cedar Shake Roofing Installation
Why are Cedar Roofs a Great Choice for homes, here in Westchester?

or starters, cedar shingles and shakes offer durability and natural beauty that asphalt and other synthetic roofing products imitate but cannot match. There are specific standards in the roofing market and the gold standard is and will always be natural slate roofing and natural cedar roofing.

Cedar Roof Types:

There are several choices within the cedar roofing shingle market, as a homeowner, your cedar roofing team will help educate you on cedar siding thicknesses and finishes, such as Perfection Tapersawn and Hand split cedar roofing shingles here is a quick overview.

It is easy to understand the different cedar roofing types when you think about a tree’s growth rings. “Edge grain shakes” are cut or split perpendicular to the rings, while flat grain shakes are cut or split at less than a 45-degree angle to the rings. Cedar shingles, which are sawn from large solid woodblocks, are available in two main types: sawn, sanded and taper sawn.

Sawn Cedar Roof Shingles
Sawn Cedar Roof Shingles

Sawn Cedar Roof Shingles are made to look like cedar shakes, but are more tailored in appearance.

Sanded Cedar Roof Shingles
Sanded Cedar Roof Shingles

Sanded Cedar Roof Shingles are smoother on both sides, smooth being a relative term, they are softer than traditional cedar shingles and are preferred by homeowners looking for a more modern and refined appearance for their roof.

Tapersawn Cedar Roof Shingles
Tapersawn Cedar Roof Shingles

Tapersawn Cedar Roof Shingles are a hybrid of sawn shingles and hand-split shakes. Like a shingle, both faces are sawn, as are the edges, giving the taper-sawn shake a uniform appearance. Thicker than shingles, taper-sawn shakes have a more massive shadow line on the roof.

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Roofing Types Lifespan Comparison

If you are considering putting a cedar roof, clay tile roof, slate roof, standing seam metal roof or concrete roof on your home you are likely looking at costs and durability – here is a nice chart to help you understand which roofing materials last the longest.

Roofing Types Lifespan Comparison
Roofing Material Life Span
Asphalt shingles 20-50 years
Architectural asphalt 25-30 years
Wood shingles and shakes 20 years
Metal 40-80 years
Slate, concrete and clay tiles 100 years
Westchester County Cedar Roofer

The handsome, rugged look of an all-natural cedar shake roof pops. Cedar roofs complement a home in a unique way, no other roofing style can match it.

Yes, Cedar roofs are more expensive but the end result pays homeowners back in dividends collected every time they look at their home. You’ll never hear homeowners regret the addition of a cedar roof; they just look so good!

Cedar shake roofs provide rich, warm color and texture that fit perfectly in Westchester.

Ziggy Bobowski

Ziggy Bobowski – Owner

If you’re considering adding a cedar roof to your Westchester home, please take us up on our offer a free estimate. Nothing will impact your home’s curb appeal like a natural cedar roof. 

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