Cedar Siding Westchester NY

Cedar Siding Installation + Repair

Cedar Siding Westchester NYCedar is a terrific siding material and far and away the most popular of all the natural wood siding options available. Cedar Siding is arguably the most attractive siding material available. Natural cedar siding has been used as a home siding material for centuries.

Cedar Siding Westchester NY
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Cedar Siding offers – Longterm Performance!
Westchester County Cedar Siding

Almost every siding material on the market aims to capture the beauty cedar siding offers. Often imitated but never duplicated cedar siding offers what its competition in the siding market can’t.

Cedar Siding Westchester NY – Today, we see cedar siding used primarily on high-end or Luxury homes throughout Westchester County. Cedar shake siding is considered by many to be a traditional choice here in the North East and it got that reputation for a reason.

  • Cedar is a low-density softwood with an open cell structure. Meaning cedar siding is tough in the face of the four seasons and our brutal freeze-thaw cycle.
  • Cedar holds-in warm air in the winter and keeps out hot air in the summer thanks to its cellular make up.
  • Cedar is one of the most durable siding materials available, offering excellent noise reduction.
  • Cedar siding looks beautiful and it only gets better with time. This softwood ages wonderfully and I doubt if any other material will ever be able to truly compete.
  • Cedar is versatile too. You can stain it stain-it (if you want to) or leave it completely natural and watch it age through the years.
  • Best of all cedar is sustainable! Offers superb natural; energy-saving insulation, and provides astonishing longevity.
Westchester County Cedar Siding
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Here in Westchester, homes with a Cedar siding exterior have some definite advantages over others; these advantages include better natural protections from our four seasons, increased value, and market-leveling curb appeal.

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