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Roof Repair Westchester Ny

Roof Repair Westchester NY – Our Westchester roofing repair services are flexible and were designed to fix virtually any roofing damage or roofing problem–and fast!

We are Westchester NY roof repair experts When we are talking about roof repairs, most often we are not talking about a complete roofing system failure, but rather certain areas of the roof that for one reason or another are under the most environmental stress. This means sections and connections of the roofing system around chimneys, skylights, or roof sections where the slopes of different architectural details converge, or sometimes a part of the roof under a tree, with a particular exposure etc.. All of these areas are under siege from extreme heat, freezing cold, rain, sleet snow or direct sun.

Water from a leaking roof needs immediate attention as water runs downhill and finds the path of least resistance. It will very quickly find its way into your home and cause structural or cosmetic damage which can be very expensive to fix but is often quite affordable to prevent.

Roof Repair Westchester NY
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Our team can repair or replace roofs, help with small gutter repairs and even replace or repair damaged flashing.

Living in Westchester means living in a harsh climate and in recent years we have all taken notice as the distinction between our four seasons has started to fade. You can see the effects of these extreme weather patterns on our homes and businesses.

Our winter’s harsh freeze/thaw cycles and summer’s heat and humidity beat up our roofs, which is your house’s first line of defense. To keep the winter and summer out, your home needs to have a strong, modern roofing system.

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Our team can repair or replace roofs, help with small gutter repairs and even replace or repair damaged flashing.

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  • Replacing and repairing the decking panels beneath the roof.
  • The roof fascia, which runs along the edge of the roof.
  • Roof vents used to disperse heat and humidity from the attic below the roof (to prevent ice).
  • The valley, or areas of the roof, where multiple roof slopes converge.
  • Repair or replace the membrane under the shingles that protect the shingles.
  • Eaves membrane and drip edges which prevents water from collecting under the shingles. In the winter, this water will freeze and cause ice dams.
  • And of course, the flashing around chimneys, plumbing vents and skylights.

Aside from an obvious leak, there are other more subtle signs that there is “trouble up on the roof”. Inside your house, look for discolored plasterboard, cracked paint, and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas.

If you can get a look at your roof, make note of any cracked, loose, or missing shingles. Cracked seams, damaged or missing flashings, and excessive cinder-like material collecting in the gutters or noticeable at the end of downspouts, means the shingles are breaking down.

Residential and Commercial Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Westchester Ny

If repairs will not suffice, then you have to consider a full roof replacement. At B&W Roofing, we are committed to providing homeowners with a return on their investment – their roof – by professionally replacing old, worn-out roofing materials with ease!
Like anything, your roof has a lifespan. There is a time when repairs won’t cut it, and when this time comes a roof replacement must be recommended. The vast majority of roofs we come out to inspect only need repair but sometimes, for a wide range of reasons from rot to the hands of time a roof must be replaced.

Roof Repair Westchester Ny – In Westchester County, no roofing team can compare to the level of quality or commitment of the team at B&W Roofing Group Inc. We go above and beyond for our residential and commercial clients! Click here to learn more about our Westchester County Roof Replacement Services.

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