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Slate Roof Repair, Westchester NYSlate roofing repair work calls for the specialized know-how of an experienced slate roofing team. At B&W Roofing, we have worked with traditional slate roof repairs and composite slate roofs since our inception and understand the unique challenges set forth by each slate roof repair project. Whether your roof is a modern synthetic slate, tile roofing, or a traditional slate roof, our team can help with repair or re-installation work alike.

Slate Roof Repair

We are proud to carry on the long tradition of slate roofers here in Westchester. Our slate roofing services include slate roofing installation, slate roofing repair and copper flashing fabrication.

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Westchester County Roof Repair

When talking about slate roof repairs, most often we are not talking about a complete slate roofing system failure, but rather the failure of a certain area of the slate roof. In some cases a single slate roofing tile or section of the slate roofing tiles have become chipped, broken or otherwise damaged;  for one reason or another.

Deterioration of slate roofing has a long list of causes from simple environmental stress, to the hands of time time to fallen branches, etc. The truth is slate roofs are incredibly durable, slate is strong and if you have recently installed a slate roof you should not see any issues with it in your lifetime.


  • Emergency Service
  • Slate Roof Inspection & Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Slate Roof Repair & Replacement


  • Slate Roofing Repairs Must be Done by Experts

Slate Roof Repair Westchester NYWe cannot stress this enough – slate roof repair requires specialized know how. Here in Westchester, very few teams have the expertise to complete slate roofing repairs the right way.

This means more times then not we are called in after another team tried to repair the slate roof and did so with good intentions but a lousy technique.

Roofers inexperienced with slate will offer a fast and cheap fix, but what results is a bigger problem that will show itself in the future. Improper slate roof repair may last a few years, but at some point, in the not so distant future, the cheap materials used will start to crack, grow brittle and begin to leak.

  • Flashing Repair and Replacement

Copper flashings look great and they perform better than any other flashing material on the market today. Copper is stronger than aluminum, and it will never rust – in fact, over time, it develops its own natural seal and patina and only looks better with age.

Unlike most local roofers who will only perform temporary valley patches utilizing cheap roof cement or caulking, we have the expertise needed to complete a comprehensive repair that won’t patch your flashing but fit it! Good as new!

  • Repairing Valleys:

Copper valleys start to develop holes after 40 – 60 years, while slate roofing can easily last more then150 years. Sometimes holes form at the edge of the slate.

Once the slate roofs wood deck is exposed, deterioration of that wood is inevitable and it will quickly need to be replaced to reduce further damage. We can help design and install new copper valleys that match the look and style of your copper roof.

Westchester County NY Slate Roofing Company

Slate roofing shingles have been used on many of the world’s most iconic buildings and that is no different here in Westchester County.

Think of the Union Church of Pocantico HillsThe Good Counsel Complex is a distinguished example. The building is covered by a series of red slate shingle clad gable roofs. Or White Plains, Mapleton, also known as Alumnae House, College of White Plains, is adorned with a very distinctive slate roof.
On each of these historic structures here in Westchester, slate roofing has provided its unique look and time tested durability few roofing materials can match.

Slate Roof Repair Westchester County NY

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