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4 Types of Roofing Materials By Cost and Durability

When it is time to replace your home’s roof, costs and the durability of the materials used are almost always at the top of the list of a homeowner’s choice factors. Other considerations include energy efficiency, sustainability, and the roofing materials’ longevity.

At B&W Roofing, we understand that a strong, well-built roof is your home’s first line, of defense against damage from the elements.

Our roofing services include GAF-Asphalt roof installation, roof repair, roof leak repair, solar roofing, and specialized roofing services like cedar roofing, slate roofing and restoration, clay tile roofing, metal roofing, and flat roofs.

In this blog post, we examine some of the most popular roofing materials used on homes here in Westchester and share our thoughts on their value and durability as they relate to their cost.

Some of the best types based on their cost and durability include:

Slate Roofing

A slate roof can last up to one hundred and fifty years, is one of the earliest roofing materials, and is also the costliest. Slate’s durability stands out as it is fireproof and excellent in cold and rainy weather.

Slate roofing shingles have been used on many of the world’s most iconic buildings and that is no different here in Westchester County.

You’ll see some of Westchester’s popular and historic buildings dining slate roofs as well: the Union Church of Pocantico Hills; The Good Counsel Complex is a distinguished example. The building is covered by a series of red slate shingle-clad gable roofs. Also, White Plain’s Mapleton, also known as Alumnae House, College of White Plains, is adorned with a very distinctive slate roof.

Metal Standing Seam Roofing

standing seam metal roofingMetal serves you at least thirty to fifty years. The metal is a mix of steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, or copper, costing more than other options. Metal roofing also tops in durability, and its impact resistance is top-notch.

Metal roofs can last up to three times as long as a traditional asphalt roof, depending on the installation and quality of the materials used.

Adding a metal roof to your Westchester home is also an environmentally friendly choice – not only do metal roofs offer fantastic energy efficiency but they are also 100% recyclable. Better still, a percentage of your metal roofing material will be made from recycled metals. 

Asphalt Shingles

Roof Installation - Roofing Company Port Chester NY

Asphalt shingles last for at least fifteen to thirty years, and when you mix their cost and efficiency it’s a no-brainer why they are the most popular shingle used in the nation.

That being said, you still get what you pay for and the lifespan and durability of the shingles depend on their quality. It is best to go with the very best asphalt shingle you can afford, we use GAF asphalt shingles and urge homeowners to do some research, even if you have a tight budget. Check for the shingles’ hail rating, which indicates their durability and impact resistance. We are proud to be recognized as a GAF Roofing Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor and are happy to field the questions of window shoppers don’t hesitate to call. 

Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar Roofing Westchester NYCedar roofing provides durability and a natural toughness modern roofing solutions can only hope to imitate. Cedar roofing offers an unmatched aesthetic style and exceptional protection from the elements. Cedar roofs have been popular since the building of Solomon’s Temple! 

If you are considering adding a cedar roof to your home, the first series of choices you have to make (after choosing your cedar siding roof installation company) are all material. 

Cedar roofing installation is an art form and the end results look and functionality will be tied directly to the skill and craft of the team hired to design and install it.

We take all the work we do very seriously and are passionate about our craft. We are one of our area’s only cedar roofing companies and the reason why is simple.  Cedar roofing takes time, attention and I believe passion. 

As a roofer, I am proud of every cedar roof I install and the look, form, and function it provides. I enjoy each phase of the process and that starts with customer education – I urge you to take time when considering a new roof and especially when adding a cedar roof, be sure to vet local roofers to ensure you find the right cedar roof installer for your home. Cedar roofs are costly and their correction is difficult and time-consuming, we hate being called to correct the shoddy work of other roofs and having to explain where things went wrong to homeowners.

Synthetic Roof

synthetic-roofingSynthetic roofs can either be rubber, plastic, or polymer, have good storm ratings, and hold their own in cold and rainy weather. 

Synthetic roofs are also among the most eco-friendly roofing materials available on the market. These kinds of shingles are made from different materials; more and more roofing material manufacturers are developing and selling synthetic roofing materials in addition to (and sometimes instead of) traditional roofing materials. 

The roofing material market is active and companies are always inventing and reinventing roofing; making new options available to homeowners all the time.

Today energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes are a true sustainable reality. The ability to install an eco-friendly roofing material if adopted widely will make a  big difference for the environment.

Your home’s roof is just one step you can take toward building a brighter, and greener future for us all.

After choosing your roofing material, you must get it properly installed. If you are looking for a more cost-effective roofing material yet durable, a synthetic roof might be the best option.  We proudly install and repair all types of roofs, from DaVinci roof tiles, DaVinci roofscapes,  DaVinci synthetic slate roofing, DaVinci slate shingles, and Synthetic slate, Cedar Shake Roofing from EcoStar, in addition to our solar roofing design and solar roofing installation.

Contact B&W Roofing for more information on replacing your roof.