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Roofing Trends for 2022 | Solar Metal & Asphalt

It’s springtime here in Westchester, and that means it is time to take a fresh look at your roof and see if you have any loose, cracked, or missing shingles after the long hard winter. When you look at the beams in your attic are they dry, is the attic ventilating properly? Are there any visible signs of roof leaks e.g. interior water stains?

Is it time to replace your old roofing system since it’s worn out, or has it outlived its lifespan? How do your roof penetration points look? We are talking about roof vents and skylights.

A local roofer like our company will inspect all of these roofing features and more including your chimney, roof flashing, soffits and fascia, your gutters, and all related connection points. Your roof is a working system and can only be as healthy as the sum of its parts.

Next, you should explore the roofing industry trends for 2022 before deciding on the roof you want for your property. In 2022 more homeowners are starting to think green when thinking about their homes and the roofing industry has stepped up to meet this desire more than ever before – read on to learn about metal roofing, solar roofing, and eco-friendly roofing options.

Here are three roofing trends you should consider embracing.

In 2022, Metal Roofing Is a Great Idea

In recent years, metal roofing has been growing in popularity according to, “Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), metal roofing…one of the most popular roofing materials. Renee Ramey, executive director of the MRA, says, “These days, homeowners are interested in how to avoid disposable, throw-away features that are only designed to last for a few years. Metal roofing is now very much in a fashion not only for the timeless design and style it offers but for its lasting value when it comes to home protection, reducing environmental impacts and reliable performance.”

Here at B&W Group, we have always been a champion of the ecological opportunity presented in roofing and feel metal roofing paired with solar is a roofing combination fit for the modern age.

“Metal roofs are light, durable, and often made of eco-friendly recycled materials, so it’s no wonder that installing solar on metal roofs is an increasingly popular topic among homeowners. “ (source: All about solar panels on metal roofs) “Ease of installation, durability and environmental benefits are just three of the reasons to consider putting solar panels on a metal roof.”

Metal roofs have been popular for more than a hundred years but have only recently caught on for residential applications here in Westchester. Before it was barns and industrial buildings where metal roofing was most often used. Today it is common knowledge that metal roofs or standing seam metal roofs as they are also called are long-lasting and available in many textures, colors, and styles. Because of its reflectivity, metal roofs may help keep your house cooler in the summer and better insulate it in the cooler months. Topped with solar panels, few roofing systems offer homeowners and the planet more benefits.

We are proud to be known as Westchester’s GAF Certified Solar Roofing Company — If you’re looking to reduce your monthly electricity costs, installing solar paneling can help you shave valuable dollars off your monthly utility bills. At B&W roofing, we are proud to bring solar roofing solutions to Westchester County that are beautiful, fully integrated into your roof’s design, and above all else affordable to install.

Advantage of adding solar panels to your Westchester County Roof:

  • Clean electricity from an unending, completely clean source: our sun.
  • Going solar can help you save significantly on your monthly bill
  • The federal investment tax credit (ITC) can help reduce your installation costs by as much as 26%.
  • FACT: Did you know that 40% of the energy consumed in the U.S. is used by buildings? Or that 25% of the heat loss goes through the roof?


Asphalt Shingles – Still A Major Driving Force In The Roofing Market.

With their price and accessibility, asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular roofing materials in use today.

Compared to prior generations of asphalt shingles, today’s shingles are less expensive and come in a broader range of colors and styles. They may last up to 20 years with proper care. Asphalt shingles are available in various grades or qualities. Therefore, the homeowner needs to choose the best possible asphalt shingle and installer (local roofer) for their budget shingles.

Beautiful, durable, and affordable, asphalt shingles are a great choice in many re-roofing applications. Today Asphalt shingles are designed to resemble other, more expensive roofing styles like natural cedar roofing and slate.

As Westchester’s Certified GAF Master Elite® roofer, we provide two warranties on the asphalt roofs we install. The Silver Pledge and Gold Pledge are both backed by GAF. GAF also covers our workmanship as a Master Elite installer. This is the best warranty in the roofing industry.

If you are considering an affordable asphalt roof you have many types and styles to choose from. Here are the most popular options.

Eco-Friendly Roofing: An Excellent Option in 2022 and Beyond! 

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly solution for your home’s roof, recycled rubber or plastic may be an excellent choice. The roofing material market is active and companies are always inventing and reinventing roofing making new options available to homeowners all the time.

Today energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes can be a real and sustainable reality. The ability to install an eco-friendly roofing material will make a big difference for the environment if we all take steps to lower our waste. Your home’s roof is just one step you can take toward building a brighter, and greener future for us all.

One of the best benefits that come with choosing an eco-friendly roofing system is the fact that they are more energy-efficient. These new eco-friendly roofing systems do a much better job than older roofs can when it comes time to heat and cool your home. This means you can cut down on your energy bills and your home’s reliance on heating and cooling systems. This means you will release fewer greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, minimizing your carbon footprint to this end we proudly offer:

Standing seam metal roofs
– DaVinci roofscapes
– DaVinci roof tiles
– DaVinci slate shingles / DaVinci synthetic slate roofing
– DaVinci shake shingles
– Synthetic Slate and Cedar Shake Roofing by EcoStar

In addition to our comprehensive solar roofing installation and design service!

Contact B&W Roofing at 914-403-6752 for more information about your roof replacement process and to review options to make your home a greener one.