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Top-Ten Advantages of having a Solar Roof?

Thinking of adding a Solar Roof to your Westchester NY Home?

Explore the Advantages of solar roof

Advantages of solar roof – With the ever-increasing electricity costs, it is always a smart idea to generate energy from your home. Solar-powered homes are becoming popular as homeowners realize the advantages of solar roofs. Unfortunately, the bulky look of installed solar panels on their rooftops is unappealing to most homeowners. Everyone wants integrated solar roofs due to their many benefits over rack-mounted systems.
Top Ten Advantages of Solar Roof

B & W Group is proud to bring Westchester County The Next Generation of Solar Roofing.

The GAF solar roofing systems we install are affordable, fully integrated, and good-looking. If you are looking to add solar panels to the roof of your Westchester County home or business, you’ve come to the right place. OK, now let’s talk solar! B&W Roofing – Solar is a GAF Solar Elite Contractor®, experts in both the installation of solar panel systems and the protection of your roof’s integrity.


Below are the top 10 advantages of solar roofs and why you should consider a modern solar roof system:

    1. New Solar Roofs are — Aesthetically Pleasing

      Integrated panels have a cohesive design and streamlined appearance since they match the roof system and follow the roofline. You won’t see metal bars, racks, or bolts which makes the system more visually appealing.

    2. Modern Solar Roof boasts Top-Safety

      Solar roofs are extremely secure since they don’t have gaps underneath where wind can flow. Therefore, the system ensures the safety of your building through wind resistance.

    3. Solar Roofs now come with a Convenient Installation

      The installation of the solar panels and your roof happens at the same time by the same company. Therefore, the operation is efficient without having to hire different contractors for each system. There is also less chance of leaks or gaps since the two systems’ designs allow them to fit together perfectly.

    4. Solar Roofing now comes with the Assurance of a Long lifespan

      Integrated solar roofs have installed flashing systems to prevent water penetration, thus provide better moisture protection. Since the roof is the foundation of any solar system, you have an assurance of the entire system’s extended life.

    5. GAF Solar Roofs offer Better Protection

      The racking in traditional systems requires bolts to fit the solar panels to the roof. Failure to seal the penetrations properly leads to leaks. On the other hand, integrated roofing reduces the risk of damaging or causing leaks on the roof.

    6. Solar Roofs Reduced Maintenance Requirements

      Integrated solar roofs do not require disassembly in case there is a need for repair or maintenance. Besides, they have no spaces where debris can accumulate, thus guaranteeing you many years of a great look.

    7. Faster and Cheaper Installation

      The design of integrated solar roofs allows for quick fitting. The integration of the solar panels as a roof covering reduces the costs and the time needed for installation.

    8. Ideal for Refurbishment Projects

      If you have a refurbishment project, integrated solar roofs emerge as the most suitable since they don’t require altering the roof structure underneath. They are convenient and quick to add to the existing roof structure.

    9. Increased Home Value

      You already know that solar panel system increases the home value since homeowners are aware of its energy efficiency. But having an integrated solar roof makes the home even more valuable due to the low profile that visual appeal compared to the traditional solar system.

    10. Better Pest Protection

      Solar racking systems provide a room where pests can crawl, hide or even build nests. Fortunately, solar roofs have a lower profile, thus prevents pest infestation.

It is time to incorporate all the above benefits of integrated solar roofs into your home. At B & W Group, we are the only GAF certified solar roofing company in Westchester, thus guaranteeing top-notch services. Contact us today for cost-effective, integrated, and esthetic solar roofing services.

Finally, you can put solar panels on your home and maintain your curb appeal. GAF’s DecoTech® Solar Roofing looks and functions the way we wish solar roofing always had.

Advantages of Solar Roof

No more rack-mounted solar roofing panels that compromise the integrity of the roofs they sit on.

B & W is proud to bring Westchester homeowners the ultra-sleek, high-performing, integrated system created by GAF, DecoTech® Solar Roofing.
    • Low Profile Design
    • High-Quality Panels
    • Unmatched Energy Savings
    • Integrated Operational Technology
    • An Industry Leading Solar Roofing Warranty
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