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The Ultimate Look in Luxury Roofing: Cedar Shakes

westchester ny cedar roofing companyYour home’s roof needs to perform through all four seasons and look good doing it.

A cedar shake roofing is a timeless, charming roofing option that many discerning homeowners choose. Its functionality and look far surpass that of roofs made of synthetic shingles and other man-made materials.

What is a cedar shake roof?

Simply put, a cedar shake roof is a distinctive type of roofing that is made from split cedar logs. Cedar shakes can vary in thickness and length. There are two main types of cedar shakes, each providing a distinctive look:

  • Hand split and resawn shakes are sawn on both sides and give the roof a uniform look with clean lines.
  • Split and then resawn shakes are split along the natural grain of the wood and are only sawn along the backside, resulting in a shake with a highly textured look.

Whichever type of cedar shake you choose for your roof, the curb appeal of your home will increase…as will the envy of your neighbors!

What are the advantages of a cedar shake roof?

Cedar shake roofs offer many advantages to the discerning homeowner, including: 

  • Cedar Roofing offers industry topping – Beauty and Curb Appeal

A cedar shake roof is an ultimate look in luxury roofing. It has natural, warm hues. Its visually stunning appeal will increase the resale value and desirability of your home.

  • Cedar Roofing provides fantastic – Insulation

Cedar is naturally insulating. A cedar shake roof will provide increased insulation efficiency, resulting in lower heating and air conditioning bills.

  • Cedar Roofing offers unmatched – Durability

Cedar shakes are very durable and work well in severe weather, including high winds, hurricanes, driving rains, snowstorms and temperature extremes. They last longer than roofs made of synthetic shingles.

  • Cedar Roofing is Naturally Resistant to Insects

The aroma of cedar naturally repels certain insects and pests.

  • Cedar Roofing is – Organic

Cedar shakes are a great choice if you are a homeowner looking to go green, and a much better ecological choice than metal, asphalt or concrete. Cedar wood is biodegradable and a renewable source.

  • Cedar roofing ages with Grace + Style

Cedar roofs age gracefully and beautifully. Their natural tones resolve into beautiful grayish or brown tones over time, depending on the type of cedar you choose.

cedar roofing rye nyAlthough cedar roofs are more expensive than roofs made of synthetic materials, the advantages of a cedar roof far outweigh the disadvantages for many knowledgeable homeowners. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an older one, cedar shake roofing provides a stunning option.

Cedar siding provides many of the same advantages as cedar shake roofing. It is beautiful, natural, durable and provides excellent insulation and soundproofing for your home.

The B&W Group can provide dedicated craftsmen who have the expertise to install a beautiful cedar shake roof or cedar siding that you will be proud of for years to come.  Contact us.

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