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Roof Repair : Should You DIY or Hire a Professional Contractor?

Westchester Roof Repair Company – First, friends, roofing is dangerous work. The injuries from roofing mishaps are serious and if you have roof damage that is off the ground we caution you to please contact professional roofing company – your roof can be repaired easily you cannot.

Is your roof damaged? Are you wondering whether to call a roof repair company or pull out the ladder and do it yourself? We don’t blame you. Sometimes repairs are simple and a quick YouTube video is education enough.

But, most times, doing it yourself is a bad idea and can cost you more than you’d have spent hiring a professional. With this in mind, here are some reasons why you should enlist professional help.

Roofing Repair: Expertise Matters

Westchester Roof Repair CompanyMany things can go wrong with your roof. Some of the common problems that homeowners in Westchester County encounter include the following:

● Leaks and moisture problems
● Mechanical damage
● Ponding water
● Gutter damage including soffits and facia

Without expertise, you’ll cause more harm than good to your roof. You may mishandle materials, puncture the roof, or install materials incorrectly or worse hurt yourself! These mishaps not only cause roof failure but also increase the cost of professional repairs down the road.

Here at B&W Roofing, we have been hired to repair many DYI efforts and while they made good fodder for storytelling they are not very funny to have to explain to a homeowner that what was once a simple repair is now a larger issue.

Limiting your exposure to such issues is really very simple, it seems counterintuitive but, to control costs–work with an expert roofing contractor. We have the required expertise to handle different roofing problems and can guarantee performance.

Roofing Contractors Inspect the Entire Roof

Just because only a section of your roof is leaking doesn’t mean the rest of the structure is okay. By undertaking DIY repairs, you risk dealing with multiple repairs in the future, especially if the roof has other underlying problems.

A Roofer will perform a detailed inspection of the entire roof, including the sheathing, ridge, membranes, upper surface, flashing, and the gutter system. They contain the damage before it costs you more in repairs in the future.

Westchester Roof Repair Company

Professional Roofing Contractors Carry Insurance

Ever wondered what would happen if you damaged your roof while attempting to repair it? Your homeowner’s insurance policy wouldn’t cover the damages. Fixing the mess would cost you more than you’d have had incurred if you hired a pro.

Roofing contractors carry property damage insurance. If your roof or another part of the property gets damaged during the repairs, their insurance will cover the losses. DIY Roofing Repairs: Beware of Slip and Fall Injuries Research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 18% of fatal falls occur from the roof. Attempting DIY repairs without the proper safety gear can land you in the emergency room with serious injuries. Please, leave these dangerous tasks to the experts.

Contractors carry personal protective equipment (PPE), including harnesses and slip-resistant shoes. They also know how to properly work on the roof without risking a fall.

Westchester Roof Repair Company

Hire the Experts for Your Roofing Repair Needs

Resist the urge to carry out DIY repairs as it can end up being expensive and dangerous. Hire the experts for professional repairs that will last for decades.Do you need roofing repair services? Contact us today for a quote on repairs, gutter supplies, and installation services.