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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a GAF Certified Contractor

Your roof is the only thing standing between you, your family, and whatever mother nature has in store. Your home’s roof is what keeps you dry when it rains and warm in the winter.

Your home’s roof is an essential system of protection; your home’s top-down-defense.

Do you have a trusted Westchester County roofer in your home care plan? Who would you call if your roof is damaged by a storm? We hope you would consider a GAF certified roofing contractor.

Here’s why! GAF Factory-Certified Contractors offer quality roofing along with the peace of mind, and the best warranty in the roofing industry. 

All GAF Certified Roofing Contractors are guaranteed to be:

✔ Properly Licensed

✔ Adequately Insured

✔ Come Vetted: With a Proven Reputation

✔ Remain committed to–  Ongoing Professional Training

FACT: 93% of property owners would recommend their GAF Master Elite® Contractor to others based on a survey of over 28,000 property owners in the U.S served by GAF factory-certified contractors.

Every GAF Certified Roofing Contractor Offers:


To ensure your complete satisfaction, Master Elite® Contractors like our roofing team are provided with extensive education.


GAF Weather Stopper® 3-Part Roof Protection System gives you the best protection against a variety of all-too-common roofing problems.


Because of our unique factory-certified status, the roofs Master Elite® Contractors like B&W Roofing & Solar installs are eligible for specials warranty coverage.

Westchester’s GAF Certified Roofing Company

GAF Factory-Certified Contractors are well-trained, educated, and go through a very rigorous qualifying process to earn their certification. 

Here at B&W Group Inc. Roofing and Solar we hold GAF’s Master Elite Certification. We know how stressful a roof leak can be and we are here to help manage whatever roofing challenges you face professionally at an affordable price and with an unmatched commitment to your complete satisfaction. 

In this blog we have offered you our top 3 reasons why we believe Westchester County homeowners should only consider working with certified roofing contractors — of course, we think you should choose a GAF certified contractor — but we may be a little partial. 

1. GAF Roofers have Factory Certified Training

GAF certified roofers are constantly provided with professional training and roofing education. GAF’s CARE program provides a lot of live job training for contractors to keep them up to date on industry changes. This level of training is what gives GAF contractors their high level of competence.

2. High-quality warranty

Get the protection you want with a GAF warranty. When you hire an independent GAF factory-certified contractor* you can take advantage of our strongest warranties for long term peace of mind. GAF offers several options, so you can choose the right level of coverage for your project.

3. Thoroughly vetted

GAF certified contractors are very well known in the roofing world and have a good reputation. GAF certification has a lot of strict requirements that contractors have to meet. Not every contractor that applies for GAF certification will make it and only the very best get to earn the various GAF certifications. 


When you need to have your roof repaired; choosing the right roofing contractor to do it is a big decision. 

It’s best to hire a certified contractor so you get the best value for your money and the backing of a large brand with the repair. Looking for local roof repair companies can be a hassle and trying to filter out the best ones can be difficult. Checking if they have GAF certification is a good way to make sure you’re working with a good company. 

If you’re in the Westchester, NY area and need GAF certified contractors, then contact B&W Group Inc. Roofing and Solar here to get started.