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Complete Roof Replacement, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Description of work: Our roofing team performed a complete roof replacement on this Upper Saddle River home with GAF® Timberline HDZ® Shingles. The homeowner selected the popular Mission Brown color with new copper chimney flashing.

Flashing is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in protecting your roof from water damage. It is a waterproof material installed beneath your roof’s shingles or tiles that prevents water from seeping into your home.

Copper flashing is a popular choice for waterproofing. It is commonly installed beneath shingles or tiles, as well as in areas where two roof sections meet, end, or intersect with a wall. Additionally, copper flashing is used to seal gaps around chimneys and vents.

At B&W Group, we specialize in all aspects of roof installation including copper flashing installation. Our team of experts custom fabricates and installs copper or galvanized metal flashing on homes throughout Westchester County. With our years of experience, you can trust us to ensure that your roof is protected from water damage.


Roof Warranty Information:

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

At B&W Group Roofing & Solar, we are proud to hold the prestigious GAF Master Elite™ certification, which allows us to offer our customers the industry’s best warranty – the GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty. This warranty is unmatched in the roofing business and gives homeowners peace of mind that their investment is protected.

As the leading roofing contractor in Bergen, New Jersey, we have earned this certification through our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. So when you choose us for your roofing needs, you can be confident that you’re working with a team of experts dedicated to providing top-quality workmanship and materials.

The GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty covers material defects and installation errors, giving you complete protection for up to 50 years. It also includes a 40-point inspection by a GAF representative, ensuring that your roof is installed correctly and to the highest standards.

As a GAF Master Elite™ certified contractor, we proudly offer our customers this unbeatable warranty. Contact us today to learn how we can protect your investment with the GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty.

Upper Saddle River, NJ Roof Installation & Replacement

The GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty is the best warranty offered by GAF, and it requires specific requirements to be met in order to qualify. Here are the main conditions:

  • Installation by a GAF Master Elite™ Certified Contractor: The roofing system must be installed by a GAF Master Elite™ Certified Contractor authorized to offer the Golden Pledge® Warranty.
  • Use of GAF Lifetime Shingles: The roofing system must use GAF Lifetime Shingles, which are high-quality shingles that are designed to last for several decades.
  • Complete Roofing System: The Golden Pledge® Warranty requires a complete roofing system that includes GAF starter strip shingles, leak barriers, roof deck protection, ridge cap shingles, and ventilation.
  • Inspection by GAF Representative: The roofing system must undergo a 40-point inspection by a GAF representative to ensure that the installation is done correctly and meets GAF’s high standards.
  • Transferable Warranty: The GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty is transferable to future homeowners, providing an added benefit for the home’s resale value.


By meeting these requirements, Bergen County homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that the industry’s best warranty protects their roofing system. It’s important to work with a GAF Master Elite™ Certified Contractor who is authorized to offer the Golden Pledge® Warranty to ensure that you meet all the requirements and get the most comprehensive protection available for your Upper Saddle River Roofer Installation.