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Choose a Timeless Roof Style: The 3 Cs

My team of expert craftsmen took ten years to form. They know many things, including the ins and outs of choosing any style of roof. So, we are going to take you through the three Cs of picking a timeless roof style.


Communication is the key to choosing an ideal roofing style. You don’t want to be penalized by your homeowner’s association or complex for picking an inappropriate roof. That is why we advise that you connect with your neighbors so that you know whether the roofing style you choose needs to stand out or blend in with the others.


My team of experts and I believe that you should know enough about various roofing styles available so you can pick one that complements your home. Whether your Westchester County home has shingle siding or bricks there are certain roofing styles that will simply look better.

Roofing style can complement your home.

The style off the roof, its color, it is cut etc. all have an impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

Moreover, you might need a rugged wood-shake shingle if your house has a rustic design. We would also advise you to get a roof with a clean and bold color for a contemporary house. Keep in mind different roofs work with different house designs; a sprawling ranch and a Victorian won’t use the same roof style.


We always want our customers to be happy, and that’s why we advise them to be thorough when it comes to finding a suitable roof style. There are hundreds of color options and roof styles, and it is paramount that you check many of them. Look at how the color and style of the roof blend with the rest of the house. Narrow the list down till you find the color and style that fits your tastes and preferences. I highly recommend that you compare various combinations of roof, window, and siding solutions. Also, compare physical roof samples.


As you change your roof, these three Cs will act as your compass to picking one that will satisfy your needs. However, before choosing a roof, let my experts come to your home and inspect your roof for free. Winter is closing in on the East Coast, and you don’t want to freeze or incur high energy costs. Contact us today!


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