GAF Solar Shingle Roofing System Videos

With a GAF Energy solar roof, you’ll not only get a roof that’s durable and has curb appeal,

but it’s also a financially smart choice since you can save on your energy bills over time.

If You’ve Avoided Rooftop Solar Tech, You May Have Just Run Out of Excuses

Energy’s Timberline Solar debuted at CES 2022 and now proves it’s not vaporware.

Contractor’s Opinion: GAF Timberline Solar Roof

Everyone has heard of solar panels, but how about a solar roof? The main difference between the two is integration, and GAF’s Timberline Solar Roof integrates PV cells directly into the shingles!

Take a look at our first installation in Maryland and hear our opinion on GAF’s new Timberline Solar.

GAF Timberline Solar Roof | Before & After