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Copper Work: Flashing, Awnings, Louvers, Chimney Caps and Roof Vents

Copper is a remarkable metal.

Copper flashing is used in waterproofing, commonly copper flashing is installed under shingles or tiles or anywhere two roof sections intersect, end or meet a wall. Copper flashing is also used around chimneys and vents. B&W Group is an experienced copper flashing installer, we custom fabricate and install copper or galvanized metal flashing on homes throughout Westchester & Fairfield.

Copper awnings or canopies are often selected to add charm, character and curb appeal to a home or businesses facade. Copper awnings add a unique accent that effortlessly and elegantly dresses up windows and doors while providing a practical solution to sun glare and rainwater management.

Whether your home or building is clad in cedar, brick, or stone, a copper awning will provide an attractive accent to the exterior and a timeless look.

Copper louvers, also known as copper gable end vents, like Chimney Caps and Roof Vents, are an attractive way to form a barrier between your home and wayward debris and uninvited wildlife; while providing much-needed ventilation for spaces like basements, crawlspaces and attics.

There are many reasons to consider choosing custom copper elements on your home or business to start: copper ads elegance and style along with year-round weather protection.

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Copper Work

Copper is a long-lasting eco-friendly material. Its not often considered but the truth is Copper can be recycled continuously.

Copper metalwork by B&W Roofing & Solar can be found on homes and businesses throughout Westchester NY.


Copper Flashing

Copper flashing is second-to-none as far as flashing material options are concerned.

Copper flashing adds character and durability to a roofing system and unmatched curb appeal. Copper flashing is strong, durable and honestly, it only gets better looking with age. Copper is a natural complement to the durable roofing systems we install.


Copper Chimney Caps & Roof Vents

Copper is workable and long-lasting and of course as we have said very durable.

Copper chimney caps and roof vents perform exceedingly well here in Fairfield through each of our four seasons and in the face of the salt-water brine in our air and look great doing it. Copper is a nice compliment to many home styles popular in our area.

Westchester CT Copper Flashing Installation & Repairs

When thinking about your roof, be it cedar, slate, or classic asphalt roof, it is important to think about the roofing system as a whole.

Often an afterthought, flashing is a critical element tasked with protecting the seams of your roof against water damage.

Flashing is the waterproofing material typically under your roof’s shingles or tiles that keep water from penetrating your roof and entering your home.

While there are many flashing material options to choose from, copper flashing is a stand-out as it offers homeowners some significant advantages.

First, copper flashing will catch your eye with its classic good looks but have you learned that it also has virtually no maintenance requirements. When paired with its best in market lifespan, copper flashing often becomes the only logical choice for homeowners with copper or cedar roofing systems.

Copper boosts home value in general. With copper flashing, you have a flashing material that will never need to be replaced.

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Copper Chimney Caps & Roof Vents

Copper Chimney Caps:
  • A chimney cap is a protective covering that sits on the top of your chimney.

Usually made of steel or copper mesh, chimney caps come in a variety of materials and design styles made to match the look of popular home designs.

  • The cap itself helps protect your chimney from rain and dangerous downdrafts.

Winters in New England are best spent in front of the fireplace with family; we can all agree about that. But have you thought about what your chimney is up to while you’re enjoying the fire? Our chimneys play an essential role in our homes’ safety and the management of the fireplaces within them.

Fireplaces require maintenance, not only for the fireplace itself but for your roof and related ventilation system as well. B&W Roofing offers copper chimney caps; not only do they function better than most other chimney caps, but like all other copper elements, they add style to your home, boosting your curb appeal and home value.

Roof vents are air intake and exhaust vents that work to ventilate steep-slope roofing systems. Roofs need to breathe, and roof vents provide a means of getting the outside air into the roof and back out.

In-take Roof Vents: are located along a roof’s lowest eave at or near soffits or eaves, while Exhaust Roof Vents: are used to allow air back out from attics or other ventilation spaces. Exhaust vents are placed near a roof ridge or high point.

Roof vents are commonly fabricated from steel or other non-rusting metals like copper. Copper roof vents provide another opportunity for homeowners to dress up their homes with a unique detail that will function just as well as it looks.

B&W Roofing can help custom fabricate copper roofing vents for both the intake and exhaust of circulating airflow.


Copper Work

Copper roof vents provide homeowners an opportunity to dress up their homes with a unique detail that will function just as well as it looks.

Slate Roofing

You won’t find a more versatile or knowledgeable slate roofing contractor in Fairfield County. Slate roofing shingles have been used on many of the world’s most iconic buildings, we are proud to carry on this roofing tradition for residential, municipal and commercial clients.

GAF Asphalt

GAF is a truly great American made product! More homes and businesses in the U.S. are protected by GAF roofs than by any other product.

Residential and Commercial Copper Work

Westchester County home and business owners: When you’re looking to add copper details to your home’s roofing or ventilation system look to our team for quality products and worry-free installation at a fair price.

We have been serving the Westchester County area for over 41 years!

Thanks to our customers, we are known and trusted throughout Westchester as being a hardworking, dependable and reliable roofing and copper fabrication company. We offer the best design and installation service in the county.

We are Westchester NY’s copper awning, flashing, and roofing vent installation experts. Want to learn more about the copper work solutions my team offers?

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