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Westchester County Solar Roofing

4 Reasons to Consider Solar Roofing in Westchester

Though many area homeowners are environmentally conscious, they have remained on the fence when it comes to installing solar roofing on their homes; because, to be honest, solar roofing did not look good for a long time.

Well, B&W Roofing & Solar, with our partner GAF are proud to bring the next generation of solar to Westchester County homeowners! Solar just got better looking, and this is the perfect time to reconsider solar roofing for your home.

Here are four reasons to keep the GAF DecoTech System solar roofing system in mind.

Solar Roofing Saves Money

Installing solar roofing panels on your home will save you money on your electric bill.

But, don’t let its pretty face fool you. The DecoTech System produces equal power as those old ugly, rack-mounted solar roofing systems. Depending on your home’s location and current offerings, you may also be eligible for tax rebates and incentives whenever you install a solar roofing system, which further cuts your home’s energy costs.

Solar Roofing Harnesses the Power of Sustainable Energy

The production of energy by solar power is an incredible renewable resource that helps sustain the environment. The energy created requires no fuel source, which adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Best of all, the sun’s radiation provides energy production free of charge.

GAF DecoTech System: Elegant Design

Solar Roofing Westchester

The elegant design of the DecoTech System eliminates the eye-sore created by those rack-mounted solar panel systems. Its panels are blended into the lines of your roof in an ultra-sleek design. You will hardly notice that they are there, which will undoubtedly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Peace of Mind

GAF certified professionals at B & W Group, install your solar roofing system with great precision, maintaining the integrity of your roof. The system comes with the added protection of a 25-year warranty so you can rest easy while you save money and take advantage of a sustainable resource.

Environmentally friendly cost savings and sustainability are available in a sleek, appealing design with solar roofing that uses the DecoTech System.

Contact B & W Group, to get the peace of mind that your solar roofing is done right along with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

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