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Choosing a roof for your Westchester County Home

Choosing a roof for your Westchester County Home

Choosing Roof for Westchester County Home – Have you ever heard someone describe their house by saying, “I have a roof over my head”? Our roof systems come to represent the
Choosing Roof For Westchester County Homesafety and security of our homes. A roof is a very important factor to homes overall health, and something every homeowner should give careful attention to. If you are scouring the internet right now searching for information about replacing the roof on your Westchester County home, you have come to the right place.

Roof Damage

Over time, sunlight, wind, and especially water take their toll on your roof. In combination, all of these elements will destroy any roof eventually.
Sunlight: Solar radiation breaks down the materials your roof is made from, drying out tiles and breaking down the materials at an atomic level.

Wind: Microbursts, wind storms, and even more catastrophic events such as tornadoes or hurricanes, even if they don’t directly impact your roof, wear it out just the same.
Water: One of the most important, yet destructive forces on the Earth. It comes in many forms, all of which your roof was designed to protect you from all year long. But again, it takes a toll. It beats up your roof year after year, storm after storm. Rain, snow and sleet freeze and thaw, seeping into any weakness and down into your home.
Rain: A gradual process of erosion which has carved things like the Grand Canyon. You might notice the damage in the form of water stains or leaks after a rainstorm.
Snow: Combine weight along with frost action which is similar to how glaciers plow through mountain ranges at a larger scale.

What to look for in a Westchester County roofing contractor

1 – License:

This is a good indicator that this contractor is not only experienced but competent in doing the work they say they can do.
Insurance: You are already paying for the roof. If your contractor isn’t insured, you might be liable for mistakes they make, or people injured on the job! Make sure they are insured.

2 – Location:

Hiring someone from a hundred miles away (especially the ones who follow disaster zones after storms) means your contractor is miles away when you might need them most. Hire local!

3 – Written estimates:

Always get your quotes in writing! Otherwise, you are at the mercy of their whim and might wind up paying a lot more.

4 – Warranty:

Make sure your contractor stands behind their work and provides a warranty. This will save you money and headaches in the future!

Choosing a roof for your Westchester County Home ?

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